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Courage is Needed Despite Fear being Present

It takes a great deal of courage to admit to yourself that you may need counseling services. We have no control over what problems or situations life may throw at us, but the way that we confront those obstacles is what ultimately allows us to overcome them. That’s where Mississippi Counseling Associates comes in. Our team of counseling experts is comprised of specialists in several types of specialized therapy, and they provide services for a variety of situations, including marriage counseling, couples therapy, addiction therapy, anger management counseling, sex therapy, and counseling for anxiety and depression.
If you or somebody you care about need assistance in the form of counseling or therapy, call Mississippi Counseling Associates in Jackson today at (601)348–0351, and we can start working today to get you on the path to a better tomorrow.

How Do I Know That It’s Time to Seek Help?

Everyone has off days here and there, but if you begin to notice that your current situation is taxing your emotional health and well-being on a regular basis, it may be time to reach out for help to regain control of your life. The support and empathy of a trained professional can mean the difference between improving your quality of life versus staying stuck in a harmful state of mind, and the earlier you seek assistance, the sooner you will begin to see results. Here are some signs that counseling or therapy might be for you:

Loss of self

This can arise in the form of general moodiness, loss of motivation, avoidance of social situations, and even thoughts of self-harm or suicide in severe instances. If you experience one of these sensations or a combination of them chronically or constantly, you may benefit from professional assistance.

You’re physically run-down

Mental and emotional distress not only make everyday life more difficult, but it takes a toll on you physically. Unexplainable pains, headaches, overall lack of energy, and a weak immune system are all physical symptoms which may stem from emotional concerns.

Depending on unhealthy coping mechanisms

Whether alcohol, drugs, sex, or any other compulsive behavior, indulging in addictive tendencies is one of the most common ways that people externalize inner strife. If you find yourself constantly engaging in or obsessively thinking about any of these things to a degree that clearly goes beyond the norm, consider consulting a professional to find out where these feelings are coming from.

Loved ones are worried

Family members, significant others, and co-workers are usually the first to notice if you are at odds with yourself. It can be frustrating and annoying when it seems like everyone is checking in on you, but if the people in your life are observing that you aren’t quite yourself, then that’s a clear indicator that you may need professional help.

We Offer Counseling Services for a Range of Situations

Mental health and relationship problems are varied across a wide spectrum, and each problem requires expert knowledge in order to be properly addressed by a professional. Our team of counseling associates is proud to offer the following services in Jackson, MS:

Marriage counseling

Marriage counseling seeks to enhance communication within a marriage so that spouses can gain a deeper understanding of one another. From intimacy problems to resolving general daily conflicts, there are many obstacles that couples may face during a marriage; with the right professional assistance, however, you can work with your spouse to mutually achieve an overall stronger and more satisfying marriage.

Couples/relationship therapy

Just because a relationship gets a bit rocky, that doesn’t mean that it is beyond salvation. Through this specific type of therapy, couples can gain deeper insight into their relationship, identify underlying issues, and focus on ways in which they can improve their connection to one another.

Addiction therapy

Substance abuse is an extremely common coping mechanism. In many cases, addiction is rooted in some kind of trauma or negative origin, and the addiction itself is merely the manifestation of a bigger problem. Addiction therapy seeks to get to the root of one’s substance abuse problems while providing healthy ways to address cravings and triggers related to their addiction.

Anger management counseling

In order to address the problem of impulsive anger, this type of counseling explores where the anger comes from and how it affects those close to the individual who is experiencing it. It also focuses heavily on techniques that are used to control surges of anger and how to address situations peacefully and non-aggressively.

Sex therapy

This aims to resolve intimacy issues that a couple may be experiencing in order to enhance the sexual aspect of their relationship. Since sexual problems within a relationship can often stem from a general problem, sexual therapists seek to improve communication between the couple while also educating both individuals about sex and providing them with a professional perspective of their sexual relationship as necessary.

Anxiety and depression assistance

Anxiety and depression exist in many forms and degrees of severity, but those who have experienced them at any level know that these disorders are a heavy burden to bear, day in and day out. Professional psychological help can do a lot of good in terms of helping a person understand what they’re feeling, how they can cope with it, and how they can eventually overcome it in order to live a happier life.

Seek Assistance Today

Nobody should have to struggle alone with a problem that holds them back from living their life to the fullest. Whether it’s for yourself, a loved one, or even just somebody in your life that you know may need help, the top-notch professional counseling services provided by Mississippi Counseling Associates are bound to make a difference. We’re based in Jackson, MS, and we’re committed to helping you overcome whatever adversity you might be facing in your life. Give us a call today at (601)348–0351 and let’s set up your first appointment.

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