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The Sought-After Ideal Family

Although the classic image of the happy, stable, nuclear family is the sought-after ideal for many couples when they first decide to enter into parenthood, the reality is that the world we live in today rarely provides the circumstances for this. Blended families are quite commonplace nowadays, but the transition of welcoming new members into a family and creating a new family unit isn’t always a smooth and simple process. On top of that, there is a myriad of other circumstances, such as mental illness, a traumatic event, troubles related to money, and physical or mental disabilities which can put added stress upon all members of a family, both directly and indirectly.

Located in Jackson, MS, our team of specialists at Mississippi Counseling Associates gladly offers expert family counseling services for whatever situation you or your family may find yourselves in. Call us today at (601)348–0351 and let us know how we can help you and your family move toward a happier, healthier life together.

What is Family Counseling?

Family counseling aims to improve the relationships and interactions within a family, usually by focusing on a specific problem they are experiencing together. If the problem is linked to a single member, this form of counseling often seeks to externalize the issue as being separate from the individual rather than labeling them personally as the problem, which could potentially promote resentment within the family. It is not necessarily required for every single family member to attend each session, as every situation is unique; 1-on-1 sessions, or sessions between specific members may be required, in order to isolate certain aspects of the family’s dynamic.

Whatever dysfunction a family may be experiencing, counseling aims to provide a safe space for everyone to learn how to express their emotions and opinions in a healthy way. Although there are a variety of methods and approaches to family therapy, they all strive to achieve a more peaceful, contented, and livable dynamic between family members.

Why Seek a Family Counselor?

The reasons why a family might be compelled to find a professional counselor exist across a very wide spectrum. However, some of the most common include the following:

Grieving the loss of a family member

Losing a loved one is a devastating change to cope with, and it can be experienced in a number of different ways, depending on the relationships that the surviving family members had with the deceased individual. Family counselors can facilitate and encourage family members to open up about what they experience during this trying time with the goal of allowing the family to try and shoulder this emotional burden as a unit and help one another through their collective emotional distress.

A major event or trauma 

Whether it be the aftermath of a severe house fire, moving together to a new location, or any event that has a markedly heavy impact upon a family’s everyday life, this is an extremely common cause for families to seek therapy. Many such events can cause a wide and varied range of trauma upon individual family members; everyone experiences trauma in different ways. Coming together through family counseling allows everyone a safe venue to share how they feel as a result of a certain change or event; this is important because such feelings may not be obvious to the other family members—who are also dealing with the change in their own way.

The breaking or blending of families

 Going off of the same idea as the previous point, divorce, remarrying, and the mixing of families usually results in a lot of confusion among everyone involved. Though there are cases in which these changes can run their course smoothly of their own accord, more often than not families choose to consult a professional in order to ensure an easier transition into the new family dynamic. This is especially important when young children are involved, as it can minimize the negative effects that such a significant change could have upon them.

Issues with a child’s or adolescent’s behavior

 While it is completely understandable that most parents and guardians wish to take the behavior of their child or adolescent into their own hands, in more chronic, severe cases there comes a point where expert knowledge is required to get to the bottom of the problematic behavior. There may also be a variety of factors in play outside of the household which contribute to the behavior in question. Family therapy can get to the root of these problems and work toward finding an effective, lasting solution.

Problems with acceptance and/or alienation

 The feeling that one member of the family is the “black sheep” is indeed a common and problematic situation. Not only does it make that person feel like an outcast or a lesser member of the family, but it also creates a rift within the family as a unit. This is most common in situations where parents have an expectation for their child (regarding their future, career, sexual preference, etc.) that the child outright disagrees with. The goal of family counseling here is to provide a place where the family can discuss these differences in a civil manner, rediscover common ground, and ultimately try to reform the bond between the estranged family member and the rest of their family.

Don’t Wait—Call Us Today for Professional Family Counseling

If you live in the Jackson, MS area and think that any of the situations mentioned above may apply to you or your family, you have nothing to lose by inquiring with us about whether family therapy may be a viable option for you. Our team at Mississippi Counseling Associates is dedicated to providing expert family counseling services to address a variety of problems that families across the country—and around the world—experience every day. Don’t delay—call us now at (601)348–0351 and let us know how we can be of assistance. We promise that you and your family will be glad that you did.


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