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Marriage is not Easy

A happy, loving marriage is a precious and beautiful thing, but it doesn’t simply happen overnight…and it isn’t easy. Even couples who are very well-matched and generally satisfied are bound to have conflicts at some point. Communication, trust, intimacy, and maintaining interest in the relationship are all key points to ensuring that your marriage remains happy and healthy for years to come.

Mississippi Counseling Associates is pleased to offer excellent marriage counseling services within the greater Jackson, MS area. Our team of experienced counselors is dedicated to working with you and your spouse in order to help you move toward a happier, more fulfilling marriage. Call us at (601)348–0351 today to set up your first session so we can connect you with a qualified marriage counselor from our team of associates—one who will work hard to help you address whatever might be troubling your partnership.

At What Point Should I Look into Marriage Counseling?

There are a number of different instances in which marriage counseling can be a viable solution to help you and your spouse put your relationship back on track. Loss of intimacy, trust issues, work-life imbalance, and general communication problems are all signs that marriage counseling might be for you. Making time to work through certain struggles early on can be the first step toward ensuring that they don’t evolve into something more severe, so don’t hesitate if you think that your marriage might benefit from counseling.

Couples typically seek a marriage counselor when they want to preserve their marriage but are at odds with dilemmas, such as the following:

Lack of quality communication

 Whether contact between both parties is minimal, one person has trouble listening to what the other is trying to communicate, or both generally have problems understanding one another, poor communication can lead to general frustration or anger, as well as a host of other problems. Marriage counselors are trained to educate you and your spouse on how communication can work well within a marriage, and equip both of you with different strategies to try and improve the ways you interact with one another.

Secrets being kept

 In a perfect world, all marriages would be honest and open so that everyone is always on the same page. While this vision may be a bit idealistic, intentionally keeping big secrets from your spouse (or vice-versa) is bound to have negative results at some point. Not only does it create a general sense of uneasiness and promote a lack of trust, it also puts pressure on the conscience of the person keeping the secret. These secrets can involve anything—but typically revolve around being unfaithful, or money matters. Through marriage counseling, you can learn to promote openness and honesty within your relationship in order to boost the overall sense of trust.

Constant conflict

 No relationship is perfect, and the occasional argument is natural. Still, if you get that feeling that every other interaction between you and your partner results in a verbal blowout, that might be an indicator that there are underlying problems or frustrations in play. An experienced therapist can provide a neutral opinion on what exactly is going on in your relationship. From there, you can begin to focus on how to reduce the number of everyday arguments by changing the way you approach problems within your relationship.

You’ve experienced a heavy trauma or change together

 Life can be unpredictable and unforgiving, and sometimes major changes occur when you are not ready for them. Whether it be the death of a loved one, financial struggles, or a terminal diagnosis, hardships can take a serious toll on a relationship. Even if the will to help one another to overcome adversity is there, sometimes it takes the guidance of a professional to put things into perspective so that both parties can be fully aware of how their partner is feeling.

Intimacy issues

 Problems involving sexual intimacy within a relationship run the gamut from something as simple as general loss of interest to more complicated situations, such as one partner using sex as a means of controlling the actions of another—as a sort of “incentive” for certain behavior. Although it is natural for the frequency of sex and general sexual interest within a relationship to dwindle over time, an abrupt change or unhealthy dynamic regarding a relationship’s intimacy can be a sign that something is wrong. Although the physical aspect is an important component of a marriage, it is also tied to all other aspects of the relationship as well. A professional marriage counselor can help you and your spouse understand what your intimacy habits imply about the state of your marriage as a whole.

A breach of trust 

Once trust is broken within a marriage, repairing it can feel like an impossible task. Whether it’s the result of an affair, one partner discovering that they’ve been lied to, or any other reason, the breaking of trust in a relationship often leaves one person feeling deceived and the other feeling either guilty for their actions or justified in what they did. Marriage counseling provides neutral territory for couples to discuss what happened, why it happened, and how they can make amends and move forward.

Take the Steps to Improve Your Marriage Today

Regardless of whether your marriage has a few minor issues that you’d like to address or if you find yourself in a more severe situation, it’s never too late to reach out for professional assistance so that you and your partner can work toward a better marriage. A lifelong partnership is likely to have a few obstacles along the way—some bigger than others—but if both people involved are willing to work to improve the situation, professional counseling services can really do wonders…and save your marriage. Call Mississippi Counseling Associates in Jackson, MS today at (601)–348–0351 if you’re interested in marriage counseling services. Let’s start planning how we can work together to make your marriage better for you and your spouse.