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We are Social Creatures

Humans are social creatures. We thrive when we’re part of a well-established social network. At the same time, relationships can be challenging to maintain. Relationships can be hard to maintain, whether it’s a relationship with a romantic partner, a family member, or a business relationship.

That’s where a relationship therapist in Jackson, MS can be beneficial. They’ll be able to give objective insights into your situation. They’ll also be able to teach you ways to strengthen your relationship and resolve issues.

In this post, we’ll look at what a relationship therapist does. We’ll then move on to the signs that it’s time to seek one out.

What They Do

Essentially, relationship therapy is similar to standard counseling. You go in and discuss the issues. The therapist then looks for ways to help you work through those issues effectively. The main difference here is that you may go in with the person in question.

That said, while it is better for both parties to work on the relationship together, you can go solo if you prefer.

Say, for example, that you have problems in your marriage, and your spouse won’t go for counseling. Therapy can help you learn more effective communication techniques and help you work through your feelings of resentment.

Therapists can assist with:

  • Couples counseling: Whether you’re married or not, couples counseling can be a valuable tool for strengthening your relationship. It can also help with less traditional relationships, like where there are religious differences and same-sex couples.
  • Family relationships: Do you feel dread when you have to go home for Thanksgiving? A therapist can assist with improving relationships between parents, children, siblings, and other family members.

How Do I Choose the Right Therapist?

There’s no simple answer to that question. Choosing a therapist is a very personal issue. Our best advice is to look for a therapist skilled in dealing with the problems you face. You also need an expert that you can trust.

Make an appointment with one of our skilled therapists and see what a difference it makes being able to speak with an objective, caring third-party.

Make the Commitment

Therapy is an ongoing process, so plan on going for at least four sessions. We offer affordable counseling options because we believe everyone deserves assistance.

Speak to one of our therapists about a counseling schedule that makes sense for you and, if possible, the other person. This could be weekly, or even once every two weeks. Going in on a regular basis is a lot more helpful than cramming in a lot of sessions in a short timeframe.

Start as Soon as Possible

In a broken relationship, there is a limited amount of time to deal with issues. If issues are not dealt with promptly, there’s a significant chance of doing irreparable harm to the relationship. Over time, both parties will feel resentment build. This can be even more damaging.

It’s better to start dealing with problems as quickly as possible. Why battle through uncomfortable family gatherings, or suffer through years of misery? The earlier you start dealing with problems, the sooner the healing can begin.

In couples, therapy, for example, you’ll learn constructive ways of dealing with issues. There is a right way and there is a wrong way to deal with issues in your relationship. Fighting can be a productive force, as long as you don’t go nuclear on each other.

A therapist can teach you how to fight fair without further damage to the relationship.

What Signs Point to Trouble in My Relationship?

Let’s go over some of the signs that it’s time to get some help.

The Same Arguments Over and Over Again

Are you constantly sticking on the same issues? Do you seem to fall into the pattern of rehashing the same grievances almost every time you fight? That’s a symptom that something in the relationship needs work. This is an issue that could crop up in various relationships.

No Intimacy – Emotional or Physical

We usually associate intimacy with physical affection. For couples, this often translates into the last time you showed each other physical affection. There are deeper intimacy issues that can come to play in any relationship.

It could be that you haven’t had a real conversation in a long time. Emotional intimacy is every bit as important in a non-physical relationship as physical intimacy is in a romantic one.

The Other Person Can’t Do Anything Right

It might be that you feel that your partner does everything wrong. It could be a sibling or parent that you feel the same way about. Think back for a bit – how realistic is it that the other person really does everything wrong?

This can be a sign of resentment building, and that will erode the relationship faster than almost any other issue.

You Lead Separate Lives

In a healthy relationship, you’ll want to spend time with the other person. That’s as true with a sibling as it is with a romantic partner. Here it’s time to decide if you want the relationship to move forward or want it to end.

You Don’t Trust the Other Person

Perhaps it’s a parent who has let you down in the past. Perhaps it’s a partner who cheated on you. Either way, if there’s no trust in the relationship, it’s never going to be a fulfilling one. A therapist can help you work through the feelings of betrayal.

They can find constructive ways for you to restore your trust in the other person.

You Feel Ignored

Do you feel like the other person never listens to you? If so, it’s crucial to try counseling. A therapist can suggest constructive ways to communicate and reconnect with one another.

You’re Considering an Affair

Cheating on your romantic partner is simple these days, especially with the internet and social media. There are plenty of sites out there that allow you to meet up with like-minded individuals.

If you’re considering having an affair, you need to get into counseling as soon as possible. Affairs are simple to conduct but challenging to keep secret. If your partner finds out, it could do irreparable damage to your relationship.

A therapist can help you identify what is missing in your existing relationship. They’ll then help you work through the issues so that you can have a loving and fulfilling relationship with your partner again.

Final Notes

If you’re in Jackson, MS, and need help with any relationship issue, come in to see us. We’ll offer you the right advice to get your relationships back on track.

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